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Love at First Breath: Live Birthing Photos

I know what you must be thinking…who wants to see pictures of a woman giving birth? The blood, sweat, and tears of a woman looking her worst?

Live Birth Photos |

Well, there’s a new trend sweeping the nation – thanks to Pinterest, Facebook, and other photo-sharing sites – that shows how beautiful the actual birth can be.

I have had the pleasure of photographing some of the most intimate moments of live birth; pictures that make women say, “I’m glad I captured that memory.”

Why consider live birth photography?

For many women, giving birth happens only a couple of times during our lives. During the birthing process, it’s hard to stay in the moment and remember the support you felt as your partner clutched your hand during every push and kissed your forehead, wishing he could take away your pain.

Live Birth Photos |

Because of the pain, excitement, and drama of it all, it’s hard to recall the moment your child takes his or her first breath.

How I photograph a baby’s arrival

When I photograph a birth, I capture the images in black-and-white (see photo gallery at the end of this article). Black-and-white images give the viewer a different perspective. Instead of having a “photoshoot” feel, the viewer feels as if the photographer isn’t even present, which allows the viewer to focus on the beauty of the experience.

Live Birth Photos |

My images don’t show blood or inappropriate body parts, just breath-taking moments – from pushing to pain to first breath; from love at first sight to cuddles, kisses, and tears of joy.

Live Birth Photos |

It’s the most beautiful thing ever for me to witness these births from the lens of my camera, and then to give the photos to the mamma. She will always hold the memory of the wonderful day when she saw her precious child’s face for the first time.

Are you or someone you know expecting the gift of life? Would you like to remember the beauty of the experience?

Contact Angela to book your birthing photo shoot.

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