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Ideas for a Children’s Vintage-Country Photoshoot

Photographing children can be fun – and challenging. As a photographer, I use my own child and my niece as a muse, in hopes of inspiring others to photograph their children in unique ways.

My daughter and niece were born exactly one year apart – this year they turned 2 and 3. Every year for their birthdays, we think of cool and different ways to photograph them. This year, we decided on vintage-country.

Vintage-country children's photoshoot | Angela Welsh Designs

Here’s a piece of history that made this shoot so special:

These dresses are 30-plus years old. My cousin and I wore them when we were this age. My Aunt Wendy, an amazing seamstress, made the dresses for my cousin and she always let me borrow them when I was a little girl.

Vintage-country children's photoshoot | Angela Welsh Designs

I wish we had the photos of us, but photography 30 years ago wasn’t what it is today… and our parents weren’t as good taking pictures as we are today!

Photoshoot Challenge

What part of history can you pull from your own past to use when photographing your children?

Do you have any vintage clothing or accessories they could wear or hold during the photoshoot?

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