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Go Glam for Holiday Photo Shoots

Who says red and green, hats and scarves, are the only colors and accessories allowed in family Christmas photos?

Why not go glam?

This fun family took my advice to “go glam” for their Christmas shoot. They gave me full creative input on colors and ideas for what each family member should wear.

Family Photo Shoot | Going Glam | Angela Welsh Designs

Changing up the cookie cutter concept

Instead of the Christmas-cardish “flannel shirts and hiking boots at the tree farm,” we changed up the concept completely. The family wore colors and outfits they wouldn’t normally wear to a tree farm. The result was gorgeous – outdoorsy, timeless portraits that can be given as gifts year-round or framed and permanently displayed in their home.

Visit my Photography page to see additional pictures from this photo shoot.

Family Photo Shoot | Going Glam | Angela Welsh Designs

Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot Ideas

The most romantic day of the year is coming up. How would you stage a romantic couples’ photo shoot, but without the traditional red & white?

Hint: Do a Pinterest search for “Valentine’s Day photo shoot” and you’ll get loads of fun ideas.

I’d love to hear your outside-the-heart-shaped-chocolate-box ideas. Please share in the Comments!

Plan your holiday photo shoot now

Let’s plan your holiday photo shoot. After all, we have lots of holidays coming up. There’s St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Independence Day… you get the idea. Contact me at 253-224-3448,, and we’ll schedule a time to brainstorm together.